I am the tired mother of two wonderfully active boys…and it is my goal, no matter how much it exhaust me, to raise them into fine young men.

A “Mensch,” according to Webster’s dictionary is a person of integrity and honor, and it’s origins are Yiddish.  For those who are more fluent in Yiddish then I probably know that the plural of Mensch is Menschen, so please excuse the typo in the title.

We happily co-habit with our dog, Lacey, a.k.a., Crazy Lacey, our cat, Tabitha, a.k.a. Crazy Tabby…and our three guinea pigs, a.k.a. two guinea pigs and surprise one of the guinea pigs just happened to be pregnant.

I am blessed to have a wonderful support system that helps in my quest which includes a very close family, amazing friends, and an ex-husband that is genuinely more friend than foe.  And we are incredible fortunate to live in a wonderful city like Austin, Texas that provides an endless source of places to go and things to do.

3 responses to “About

  1. PJ Todd

    Love everything about what you wrote Kara, but more importantly, I just love you!!!

    Congrats on the blog, and here’s to celebrating life in Austin Texas, the coolest place in the world:)


  2. Cindy

    Great Blog! So glad Lauren put it in Facebook for us all to read!

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