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Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.

  ~Author Unknown

The other morning I woke my youngest with the usually excitement I have when one of my kids is celebrating their birthdays.  I had gotten up a little early this morning so I could run by the only kosher bakery in town that had 5 dozen kosher cupcakes waiting for me to take to my little one’s summer camp.  My little guy had a friend spend the night and the morning was filled with visitors, sandwich making, and last-minute preparation for the birthday party later in the day…everything was going along as planned…until….I lost the car keys.

OMG where are the car keys.  Okay when we came into the house last night I walked here, and then I walked there, and then I got the mail….OMG, where are the car keys!!!!  And as I’m standing there stressing about the car keys I feel a sweat break out, and my hair starts to frizz…and the dog is in the garbage can……

and… it’s my baby’s birthday, and it’s going to be good by golly (we don’t really say that in Texas, but…).  So I get the extra set of car keys, minus the extra house key which is no longer attached, but I figure I can always send one of my kids through the doggie door when we get home, and I load my guy into the mini-van and head over to the bakery.   The woman at the bakery couldn’t be nicer, which gives me faith that my day is going to be okay after all.  Little bit and I load our cupcakes into the car, and I look at the clock, optimistic that we have plenty of time to make it camp and all will be well as we start our short drive to camp.  But then…the fella that decided to merge in front of me at the last moment, now decides to turn at the last moment, and as a slam on the brakes one dozen kosher cupcakes drifts out of a brown paper bag, and one dozen kosher cupcakes end up, icing down, on the floor.  As I turn around and see 6 chocolate and 6 white cupcakes, minus sprinkles, rolling around on the dirty floorboard of my mini-van, too dirty for even this stressed out mom to shove into my mouth and at least find a little comfort there…I look at little bit and say, “Okay, I think I’m going to cry now.”  And my sweet, now 10-year-old looks back at me and says, “Mom, should I cry too?”   “No.” I tell him.  “No, neither of us are going to cry, and we are going to camp with our remaining 4 dozen kosher cupcakes, and we are going to hope that there a few 10 year olds out there that don’t like cupcakes.”  And so we went to camp with our remaining 48 cupcakes.  Then I sat in the parking lot and post on Facebook, “Heading to summer camp with 60 cupcakes…12 fell on the floor…which I guess makes those the dirty dozen. I know, pretty bad, but I’m trying to find some humor in a dozen cupcakes on the floor of my car.”

Life is not pretty…and that is what is what this blog is all about…finding humor in the everyday…even when it doesn’t seem to be too funny.  As we watch our parents age and deal with illness.  As we watch our children grow and deal with self-confidence, fitting in, trying to figure out who they are or who they want to be.  As we watch ourselves, thighs thickening….All while trying to maintain a full-time professional job.  Life is not pretty…but it doesn’t have to be ugly.  So we embrace what we have, we thank the good Lord for our blessings and we party on.

Oh…and happy birthday baby boy!!!


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