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Giving Myself Permission to be Lazy and Drinking Champagne Out of a Scooby Doo Glass

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I was talking to a co-worker the other day about how we are missing out on so much because we never give ourselves permission to do things.  We reward ourselves when we clean the house, finish a work project, complete a grueling bike ride…but we don’t give ourselves permission to do something or buy something we want to or want without some self-imposed obstacle.  So we miss out on purchasing the wonderful little bauble we’ve been coveting until the house gets cleaned, or we don’t go canoeing on Lady Bird Lake lady bird lake  with the kids until our work project gets done.  The bike ride can be a reward or torture depending on how you’re feeling that day, but a margarita after the ride is a wonderful way to rehydrate.  Maybe by rewarding ourselves we are more efficient, more productive…but are we being fair…to ourselves.

So tonight I’m going to give myself permission.  Tonight I give myself permission to be lazy.  I am going to sit on my bed, in the middle of my messy bedroom, which is in the middle of my messy house.  I am going to be lazy, and I’m going to watch T.V. and drink champagne out of a Scooby Doo glass…and I won’t feel guilty. scooby doo glass I’m going to eat strawberries out of a champagne flute with two huge scoops of Cool Whip, and I am going to desperately miss my kids while embracing my alone time.  I’m going to cook my soup on a pot on the stove because something exploded in the microwave, and I’ll kick the container out of the way that the dog pulled on the floor when she was looking for a snack.  I’m going to watch House Hunters, and Law & Order until the Golden Girls come on, and cyber window shop…and I still won’t feel guilty.

Tomorrow morning I’ll get up and ride my bike to the gym and swim, then come home and clean out the microwave and pick up the garbage.  I’ll mop the floors and do the laundry and clean the car.  And if I accomplish all the task on my list, I may go to the store and buy that bauble I’ve been coveting.  But in the meantime I’ll give myself permission to be lazy….and I won’t feel one bit guilty…well, maybe a little….but who cares…I’m drinking champagne out of a Scooby Doo glass…..

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